Upon returning home from Korea, the USS Potter circumnavigated the globe and visited Hong Kong, French Indo‑China, Singapore, Ceylon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, France, Norway, German, Spain, and Gibraltar, coming back to Newport, Rhode Island on May 26, 1955.

Once again, after duty on the east coast, in 1956 the ship went around to the west coast. Again it headed to Pearl Harbor, then on to the Philippines and Hong Kong operating with various CVs. In October, 1956, while refueling alongside the BonHomme Richard, the Potter lost oil suction to a main engine and collided with the CVA. But damage soon was repaired and by November the ship was headed back to the States for dry dock at Long Beach.

In May, 1957, the Potter took on board a movie crew for filming "The Deep Six" by Jaguar Productions. The filming took two months to complete. Then it was on to Pearl Harbor, afterwards New Zealand and thence to Manus Island in the Admiralities, significantly where the Stephen Potter had visited 13 years earlier during WWII. By January 1958, the ship was headed back to Long Beach and thence to San Francisco Naval Shipyard where on June 13, 1958, the ship's pennant was hauled down for the last time.

Taken from "USS Stephen Potter - The Story of DD538" compiled and edited by Lt. Wilson F. (Bill) Minor USNR (Ret).