For meritorious service while serving as Commanding Officer of the USS STEPHEN POTTER during combat operations against enemy North Korean and Chinese Communist Forces in the Korean Theatre from 9 May 1953 to 27 July 1953. During this period Commander Eddy demonstrated outstanding leadership and resourcefulness in the execution of the gun fire missions assigned his ship against enemy targets along the east coast of Korea.

While engaged in bombardment missions near the front lines, he greatly aided the friendly forces by destroying or damaging many gun positions, command posts and bunkers. During this period his ship was credited with delivering some of the most effective and accurate gun fire ever exhibited at the bomb-line. On the numerous occasions that he was taken under fire by enemy shore batteries, he skillfully extricated his ship without damage or casualty. His exceptional leadership and courageous conduct contributed directly to the success of the STEPHEN POTTER in fulfilling its assigned missions and to the termination of the conflict with the Communist Forces in North Korea, His courage and initiative were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

The Combat Distinguishing Device is authorized.

J.J. Clark
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy
Commander of the Seventh Fleet