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A woman once crammed her nails into the eyes of a great white dragging her  down, it could be argued she “won” the fight.


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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I love to kick the day off with this crew! Way to go Grrrls 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼  #wowpt #fitness #fun #realwomen #strongwomen #grrrlarmy #allsmiles #workout  ...

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Junglee all time favourite. Love having it with steamed rice

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Late afternoon workout... After my Tennis training with my neighbour and  coach today

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A trip on the good ship ‘flower power’. My buddy zeeth doing what he does the best, appreciating the female beauty.. 😉 this time a foreigner, for a change. clicked during a kick-ass trip to goa, …. My new gym has great cardio machines! i can even run with kilian, et al. #inmydreams #theopengym 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like. Leslie and rowe going hard in the ems suit once more @novafitnessstudios ! #nycpersonaltrainer. #deadlift #deadlifts #legsday #legsbuckled #splitsquats #squats #squats #liftheavy. Quip of the day: “schrödinger’s cat walks into a bar and doesn’t” :). 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like. View askfm askfm app for android. Leslie and rowe going hard in the ems suit once more @novafitnessstudios ! #nycpersonaltrainer. My personal favorite among the many kickass places in gec. this pic will always remind me of the countless number of evenings …. . Nowornever…if you know how to weather a storm, this for you. Should be among the very first photos i’ve clicked with my cam, taken on a trip to a friends sisters wedding. was learning the numerous buttons and gears of …. Lunges are super complex move to work and tone your thights and gluteal muscles. 🔅. . My new gym has great cardio machines! i can even run with kilian, et al. #inmydreams #theopengym Sous les yeux de mon titou🐈 dubitatif, me voilà partie pour mon dernier jour. Archer & armstrong. Sprint vector reviewed while going from last to first. phunn dad. . But suffice it to say, i had phunn in the eighties!! i wouldn’t dare live the lifestyle i did then today!!. Guestb …. lootcrate exclusive phunny yellow alien face hugger 8 inch plush soft toy: toys & games. My 13 favorite comics from 2012. Grand theft auto v: clowning around – part 4 – steam train. Iso 400. Keeping tabs on my clients – get a free myzone belt when you sign up for pt with me. these 2 clients are smashing their weekend sessions and they don’t even …. My hubby @capt_reynolds_lives gets to train with the #6amcrew on friday’s… i get to watch 😍💪🏽 growl #yourwifeisstalkingyou #repost @untamed_red_steph …. Day 30 – playing catch up – split lunges….no warm up. Purely plagiarized from a pic that i saw in fb. naah, not taking any credit for this. but getting this right was one hell of a task.. we started with 6, …. They sit there, five little pasta shells, nestled in a shallow bath of melted butter and parmesan: the remains of dinner for my toddler son and daughter.. Https:// My only marvel title on this year’s list, x-club gives us a story of the brainiac mutants of the x-universe. simon spurrier is an underrated writer with a …. A few new items from #neca #coraline pvc set & #phunny plush,. Never miss a monday or face the consequences 😂 when legs day struggle is real @. : rotary 12648 5″ plastic deck wheel : lawn mower deck parts : garden & outdoor. The houston post. (houston, tex.), vol. 27, ed. 1 monday, september 25, 1911 – page 9 of 12 – the portal to texas history. Never miss a monday 💙💪🏻👏🏻!! #6amcrew#cardiosculpt#. Windy cave. Prince told us what they sound like and now you want us to know what they. Èçîáðàæåíèå. Excerpt …. The willie mcblind band’s timing is consummate. in this stagnant decade for the blues, with most of the idiomatic action sadly relegated to the obituary …. Mean …. Back to training heavy legs after what seems an age. 8 weeks ago, martin. Food tasting, rajasthani style! the phenomenal “thaal” at the itc rajputana,. 11 dec 09 – calcutta to delhi. 4 feb 2019 (day 1 freeletics) . ok, i’m officially starting. So that’s it.. the complete evaluation report of my 6 month old romance with my camera. i now think that i’m at least confident enough to call my self an …. There was this ‘cute’ fancy light installed in my house. switched off all other lights, and tried a shot. i havent heard anyone appreciating this click, …. Let’s kick miccheckmondays off with @g.brown_readitagain out of milwaukee, wi #miccheckmondays. @kersyt14 say stand on him ok no problem #legsdayfinisher #wallsquats 140lbs + my. Muang on cave. Journalofchrometography, 335( 1985) bl-bl73. Image may contain: 1 person, text. Checking out our character bike. Toweroflabel. Uber_cuteness.jpg. Our job corps leaders kick off the concert after the human formation was complete!. #lol #phunny #funnymemes #meme #memes #kiss #genesimmons. Typical new york state employee draws ire. Sacramento county bar association – scba’nın. Us food and drug administration: 05p-0046-cp00001-01-vol1 | generic drug | food and drug administration. In a world where actual true magic is the common power source rather than electricity, and everyone is expected to learn degrees of proficiency in sorcery ….